Lingus is an application to localize delphi projects and should be compatible with Delphi 7 and higher.
Lingus can parse an existing delphi project. After parsing the project, you can translate the extracted strings. When saving the translations, these will optionally be saved as .res files that can be compiled into your project. If texts from an application that were parsed before change, these changes can be synchnized so that translations are always up to date with the delphi project.


  • Parsing of .dpr-, .pas- and .dfm files
  • Easy synchronization after changes to your sources
  • Multilingual (Englisch/German)
  • Can be installed or used in portable mode

Letzte Ă„nderungen

Version 12.02.14
  • Improvements by Steffen Wagner
Version 03.06.12
  • Added more language icons
Version 09.10.10
  • Added options to ignore specific strings/files
Version 13.08.10
  • Search is from toolbar available now
  • Demo-application included
  • .Translate() accepts PreTranslate() and PostTranslate() now
  • At import now only the option 'Only import units using LanguageObjects' is available now
Version 07.07.10
  • Fixed problem retranslating properties
Version 02.07.10
  • Support for TStrings (TMemo, TComboBox, ...)
  • LoadFromFile() method added to load translations from files at runtime
  • Proxy can now be used for updates