Welcome to mistake.ws, home of streamWriter, MP3Freund and Lingus. You can find some downloads regarding the applications published here and a small board on this site.
All information is available under Projects, people wanting to download immediately can go to Downloads.

Letzte Änderungen

A subversion server is now setup, you can access it using the following repositories:
  • svn://mistake.ws/streamwriter/
  • svn://mistake.ws/mp3freund/
  • svn://mistake.ws/lingus/
  • svn://mistake.ws/common/ (needed by all applications)
Lingus Version
  • Search is from toolbar available now
  • Demo-application included
  • .Translate() accepts PreTranslate() and PostTranslate() now
  • At import now only the option 'Only import units using LanguageObjects' is available now
MP3Freund Version
  • Small improvements...
streamWriter moved!19.09.10
streamWriter moved and is now available at streamwriter.org.
Lingus Version
  • Added options to ignore specific strings/files